WDV101 Homework

Somchai Daniel Kanyavimonh

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This is the actual page for the assigmnents.

Wind Energy Page
Pathname-Website Module 1-5
Resources Assignment
Module 2-1 Real Estate

I picked these three websites that I believe are good websites since that upon reaching the main page of the website, the user is already greeted with listing of homes to see in their general location. Address, price, # of bed and baths, are easily legible and ready for each listing of home. To filter out data it is very easy to locate for the user to specify specific home needs. Contact info/ who to contact and how to reach out to them for the listing is easy to find.

Koala Site Assignment

On going project to contine to use fundamentals and ideas taught during the semester and apply them to this site.

Cocoa Site Assignment

A brief assignment to create a 3 page website for a "Client" about chocolate, history of it, health information, and fun facts using links inbetween sites and showing what I had learned in the the course at the time of submission(9/17/23). Updated again on 11/05/23

Flex Box Assignment

A quick website to go over what I had learned about Flex Box and its uses in HTML and CSS, I picked a hobby of mine which is Gundam Model Kit building as a mock up to highlight flexbox

Bootstrap Assignment
WDV 101 Final, Savannas Coffee House

Final project for WDV101 to utilize what I have learned in this course to create a 5 page website for a client.